Sunday, April 14

Breakfast at 9AM

It’s 930AM and I’m having vanilla ice cream for breakfast with my bestfriend, and we get to use my ceramic pieces (what else do I need from this world?). These two pieces never stood a chance anywhere else but here, at my breakfast table. They have irregular shapes, glaze stains, and are practically impractical ~ the bowl has 3 feet so close to each other and the spoon, oh god the spoon, isn’t deep enough. But I use them anyway. It’s a good way to rewire my brain that life doesn’t have to perfect and polished to have a good time. ♡
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PS Yes, it’s a pink ceramic ring :)

Saturday, April 13

Back at it

It's high time I revive this visual diary. ♡ Basically, 2018 and 2019 are just like 2012 - they're all about pottery. If you're down to learn something new, and make your own ceramic wares and jewelry, I'll have workshops next month! Sign up HERE.
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