Thursday, October 20

Finding Uniform

I find comfort in patterns such as these:

I took these photos when I was hanging out at SOM Mall in Ateneo. 

Tuesday, October 18

Fat Green Thumb

I bought a pot of Paperseed sheets for P100 at the UP Art Bazaar and asked my brothers, Moy and Gomer, if they wanted to try them out. We had marigold, moss rose and chili.The environmentalist Ethel Francisco talks about her green business here.

"I really think nature in itself is doing the work, I just stumbled upon the idea in believing that there is always a greener alternative, something that would lessen our carbon footprint."

"Even if they don’t buy it, letting consumers know that these kinds of products exist gives me a sense of assurance that my business is helping people know more about caring for our environment."

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