Wednesday, November 30

Sa Casa San Miguel

Before heading to the beach, we (mommy + Moy + Goms + Lei + I) went to San Antonio to see Casa San Miguel Center for the Arts -- the CCP of Zambales, as they say.

Located in the midst of a mango orchard, in a town surrounded by the mountains and the sea, the center encourages and inspires artists to hone their skills freely as they play harmoniously with the sounds of the surrounding scenery. The heart of the mango orchard is a grand three- story brick building that serves as the home of the Bolipata’s protégés. On its first floor is the Ramon Corpus Concert Hall, which has housed several chamber orchestra concerts, theater plays, operettas, and ballet productions. 


And don't be surprised if you see a 10-year-old kiddo magnificently playing the violin like. The musicians from Casa San Miguel are really good.

Monday, November 28

World Jewelry Packaging

Up to now, my jewelry line is nameless. I already have "Miss Brasslette in November" but am also planning to use other metals. Thinking of a brand name is actually harder than creating the jewelry pieces.

But I'm happy with my sticker, stamp, and coin envelopes! :)

Wednesday, November 16

Clay Art by Moy

Happy that my brother Moy has finally appreciated clay art and has spent the last weekend making this creature.

Saturday, November 12

24 hours in Baguio

Baguio teaches people a lot of things -- that pay restrooms are worth paying for and that cofibeer does not exist - and makes them patient and book-lovers.

Narda's: #151 Upper Session Road
Mt. Cloud Bookshop: Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road
PNKY Bed & Breakfast: #13 Leonard Wood
Pizza Volante: #82 Session Road
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