Saturday, December 24

Dirty Hands

A few months ago, a box of clay came. I couldn't start creating because I was so thrilled! Or rather, anxious. I even planned to give a bag of clay to 15 of my closest friends and organize a simple exhibit of their works.

Then the excitement died down. The clay is left idling.

I still miss Mia's pottery studio and getting my hands dirty. Starting this January, I'll start attending her workshops again.


PS If you want to play with clay, just tell me and I'll give you some :)

Tuesday, December 6

HeyKessy Brings Washi Tape to the Philippines

Hey Kessy washi tape is a game changer - it turns everything into something artsy. It sticks well on paper, plastic, glass, metal, and even wood.

Rolls and rolls of washi tape are sold on the Hey Kessy website, making it available to crafters and artsy people in the Philippines.♡

Saturday, December 3

World Jewelry: November Collection

Here I go again with my one-man assembly line...

My hands are more calloused now that I make brass bracelets, necklaces and rings quite regularly :)

PS I will be joining the UP Art Bazaar this coming Sunday. If you have time, come by :)
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