Monday, March 12

Less than 24 Hours in Baguio

A week ago, I rode the bus to Baguio and found out that almost all of Victory's buses had free wifi. That would have been a "yay" had I known it earlier.

I always wish for a safe bus seatmate and fortunately, it was a techie mommy last week. Tita Lilibeth is a baker and owns a bakery in Marikina. She even gave me her cell number and a box of sylvanas! Her life stories are so parallel to my mom's - one of the reasons why it was comfortable sitting beside her.

So sad her number is not reachable whenever I call :( I should have asked her to add me up on Facebook the moment she brought out her iPad.

I met with Mon and we had dinner, drinks, annoying taxi rides, crazy military talk, over-the-bakod moment, red horse bantay, and an orange sunrise. We almost went back to Session Road to look for another homestay because the keys were not frakkin working. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we figured out the right way of opening the door of our room.


  1. Interesting. Baguio had always been one of my favorite places.

  2. try visiting bliss cafe and their homestay. good food and relaxing place :p


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