Friday, June 29

Freshly Baked!

These pieces were just left to dry in my room for months. They were crafted before I left last April, and when I came back, I went to Clay Ave studio to have them fired. After several days, I went to back to glaze them - keeping in mind the patterns and colors that inspired me when I was in India and Nepal.

Now, they are ready for you!

You can check out the entire collection here.

PS I'll make sure you won't only love the pieces but the packaging as well :)

Monday, June 25

Early June

What I have been up to this month of June:

1. Screenprinting workshop with Gomsky

2. Hey Kessy and crafting

3. Garland for Daddy :)

4. Mini product shoots

5. Things I'll be selling for the upcoming 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts in July

6. Harvest from UP

7. Forest stickers

8. My latest jewelry collection - ceramic pendants and rings

9. Dead tired and broke, but excited!

Saturday, June 23

Garland for Dad

As I've been extremely busy thinking - thinking being the operative word - about the things I need to do, I didn't think I'd be able to surprise Daddy with something handmade last Sunday. With some washi tapes, baker's twines, and paper straws from Hey Kessy, I was able to whip up this garland for him. My 12-year-old brother, Gomer, even joined in the fun and created a greeting card using the same materials.

Daddy was really happy when he saw this garland. I was, of course, happy too with the outcome that I even asked him if I could keep it in my room. He said yes. Hehe :)


Sunday, June 17

Dazed and Glazed

Dana's right. I have designed a curriculum for myself this semester - as I am currently on LOA at UP. My time is spent on tutoring French, pottery, print making, postcard making, Hey Kessy projects, and sometimes, even sticker cutting.  Every 15th and 30th of the month, I'm broke because of  new art materials and craft supplies. But I like it.

I knew it was high time these pieces get glazed when I found out some of them died into pieces when I unknowingly stepped on them. I was so confused which of the many things running in my head should I do first. I did not have time to take photos of the casualties because I was so disappointed and irritated with myself, I crushed them even more. And off they went to the bin. Whew! Release release!

My favorite stage is the one after they've got baked the first time.  They look so natural and clean.  I really wish they could stay like that even after the final firing.

When I got to Mia's studio,  I did nothing but glaze, glaze, and daydream about these rings and pendants. I imagined how their colors and patterns would turn out.

I have been wanting to focus on art, crafts, and languages on my own terms. And I guess, this is it.

Monday, June 11

Drypoint and Eating

I find drypoint printing more challenging than rubbercutting. It made me 10 times hungrier! Good thing I was able to take out spaghetti and peanut butter sandwich from the Peanut Butter company before heading to the studio.

The first thing I noticed when I got there was the food served at every working station! We had grapes, chocolate, pseudo corn, and even wine! All these kept me going the whole afternoon. It was tiring but definitely fulfilling.

These are the woodblocks I got from Nepal (approximately P20-P50 only!) which sir Benj advised me to incorporate in my prints.

The good kind of messy and dirty.

As usual, I got fixated on my pattern and made 10 prints of it! It was our last class and I think that's the reason why we had grapes, chocolates, and wine.

Wednesday, June 6

17 Hours in Singapore

Coming home from Nepal, I thought I escaped this year's very unforgiving summer. I knew I was wrong the moment I stepped out of the Changi airport.

I spent the whole afternoon walking around Chinatown and at this cute place called the Little Dröm Store. They have vintage cameras, films, paper goods, magazines, handmade jewelry, postcards, and other things a packrat would love.

I'm not really fond of sweets and cakes, but the mocha hazelnut mini cake I bought from their cafe was really good. I enjoyed it too much I wasn't able to take picture of it. I also ordered iced jasmine tea. It was good, just a little too strong (it tasted a bit like soap).

Up to now, I still think about that beautiful afternoon at the store. It really relaxes and comforts me.

More photos here.

The Little Dröm Store: #7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791, 6225 5541

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