Wednesday, June 6

17 Hours in Singapore

Coming home from Nepal, I thought I escaped this year's very unforgiving summer. I knew I was wrong the moment I stepped out of the Changi airport.

I spent the whole afternoon walking around Chinatown and at this cute place called the Little Dröm Store. They have vintage cameras, films, paper goods, magazines, handmade jewelry, postcards, and other things a packrat would love.

I'm not really fond of sweets and cakes, but the mocha hazelnut mini cake I bought from their cafe was really good. I enjoyed it too much I wasn't able to take picture of it. I also ordered iced jasmine tea. It was good, just a little too strong (it tasted a bit like soap).

Up to now, I still think about that beautiful afternoon at the store. It really relaxes and comforts me.

More photos here.

The Little Dröm Store: #7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791, 6225 5541

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