Sunday, June 17

Dazed and Glazed

Dana's right. I have designed a curriculum for myself this semester - as I am currently on LOA at UP. My time is spent on tutoring French, pottery, print making, postcard making, Hey Kessy projects, and sometimes, even sticker cutting.  Every 15th and 30th of the month, I'm broke because of  new art materials and craft supplies. But I like it.

I knew it was high time these pieces get glazed when I found out some of them died into pieces when I unknowingly stepped on them. I was so confused which of the many things running in my head should I do first. I did not have time to take photos of the casualties because I was so disappointed and irritated with myself, I crushed them even more. And off they went to the bin. Whew! Release release!

My favorite stage is the one after they've got baked the first time.  They look so natural and clean.  I really wish they could stay like that even after the final firing.

When I got to Mia's studio,  I did nothing but glaze, glaze, and daydream about these rings and pendants. I imagined how their colors and patterns would turn out.

I have been wanting to focus on art, crafts, and languages on my own terms. And I guess, this is it.

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