Monday, June 11

Drypoint and Eating

I find drypoint printing more challenging than rubbercutting. It made me 10 times hungrier! Good thing I was able to take out spaghetti and peanut butter sandwich from the Peanut Butter company before heading to the studio.

The first thing I noticed when I got there was the food served at every working station! We had grapes, chocolate, pseudo corn, and even wine! All these kept me going the whole afternoon. It was tiring but definitely fulfilling.

These are the woodblocks I got from Nepal (approximately P20-P50 only!) which sir Benj advised me to incorporate in my prints.

The good kind of messy and dirty.

As usual, I got fixated on my pattern and made 10 prints of it! It was our last class and I think that's the reason why we had grapes, chocolates, and wine.


  1. What is this amazing workshop???

  2. this workshop is organized by PAP at CCP :) They're on facebook! Search for Pinoy Printmakers

  3. I miss printmaking! Love the photos too! ;)

  4. It's tiring but so addicting! Thank you! :D


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