Monday, June 25

Early June

What I have been up to this month of June:

1. Screenprinting workshop with Gomsky

2. Hey Kessy and crafting

3. Garland for Daddy :)

4. Mini product shoots

5. Things I'll be selling for the upcoming 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts in July

6. Harvest from UP

7. Forest stickers

8. My latest jewelry collection - ceramic pendants and rings

9. Dead tired and broke, but excited!


  1. Neigbs! Im a fan! :D

  2. You're selling ceramics at the craft fair? Definitely buying! Ceramic theraphy orz! (* ̄ー ̄)ノ彡☆゚・

    I really love your room. I wish my Mom had let me stick anything everywhere when I was a teen, now the need to keep the wall bare has been deeply ingrained in me. ( T-T)~

  3. Hello Neigbs! :p What's for dinner? :))

    Hi Donna! Yay!! :) Just simple/small pieces ;p Haha
    Oh yeah, try posting some of your photos on your walls. I'm sure, they'd be lovelier!


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