Thursday, August 30

Raindrops and Wall Art

I am getting addicted to this pattern maybe because of the heat and my incessant craving for saltwater and fine sand.

I spent numerous rainy afternoons for this set of alphabet. What I found the most challenging was making sure that I drew the mirror images  of the letters on the carving block! I kept on forgetting.

PS You can see the other photos here.

Wednesday, August 29


1 Happenstance Exhibit at the The Little Dröm Store

2 Brass jewelry packaging

3 New work station


From late July to last week, I'd easily get tired. At 11.30 in the evening, I'd get off from work; but, it's not until 2 AM that I'd fall asleep. Then in the morning, I'd wake up too early, 7AM - even 6AM sometimes.

I knew I had to stop idling online, especially at night; but, I  just couldn't help clicking the refresh and like buttons  even when I was too already tired #modernslavery.  How could I sacrifice physical and mental health for social updates? But I'm happy I am kind of over that phase.

I just want to be well-rested again.

Friday, August 24

A Walk with Dang

My conversations with Dang about arts and crafts have always been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. I'm really glad I got to meet her at PAP's summer print-making workshop. It was her who introduced me to erasers as an alternative to rubber sole, Kickstarter, etc . And that's what I really admire and like about her - she doesn't hesitate to share her materials, sources, and ideas. She's of the kindest.

Last week, we spent one afternoon having long and relaxed lunch, walking around their village, and admiring her backyard and the random works of art in their compound :)

Thank you for this print, Dang! :)

Thursday, August 23

Stoneware Plates

Plates from summer of 2012.

Now, all I need to do is look for a recipe easy enough for me to follow so I can finally use these plates from Summer 2012. 

Wednesday, August 15

The Best Things in Life are Handmade

This is the new set of rubber cut and hand-stamped postcards I've made this month. These lines from the documentary Beautiful Losers explain the wonderful emotions/feelings I've had while creating the postcards:

“I think as a child you’re always drawing, coloring, and doing crafts.  And that is totally normal, and seems to be what you do as a kid.  And I think what, kind of the weird tragedy is, you become an adult, you “grow up” and lose that.  You stop creating, you stop involving yourself in the joy of color and creation.  I just feel like I was lucky enough to never really lose that.” Ed Templeton

I also revisited my old blog, Carte Postale. This is where I used to keep my collection of gouache & watercolor prints back in 2010. It all started when my sister gave me a set of blank postcards she got from a flea market abroad. It was also the time I really missed my Mexican best friend, Noemi. So, I sent her the first ever Carte Postale. Unfortunately, the card never arrived to Mexico. I'd never find out why.

Forgetting the password of my then blog account made me forget about creating more cards for Carte Postale altogether.

I'm looking forward to this Saturday's Craft Soirée! :) My Thursday will be dedicated to creating jewelry, postcards, and Hey Kessy samplers.

Btw, you can check out the other gouache and watercolor postcards here.

Saturday, August 11

Some Things

1. I gave this collage to Claudia, a lone traveler from Argentina. Noemi and I met her in Bandipur, Nepa, and were both surprised when she told us she took the train from a remote region in India to Delhi. What a brave lady! I don’t think I’d ever be that brave.

2. These are just a few of the most beautiful things I'd have to sacrifice for something I currently find the most fulfilling - art materials.

3. This was taken by mom a few weeks after I chopped off my hair. I definitely got my love for photography from her.

Sunday, August 5

More Erasers

I bought a handful of erasers and christened my new workspace by making more rubber stamps this afternoon.

PS This means more postcards for Hey Kessy's friends! :)

Friday, August 3

10a Alabama Visits

It was really hot that weekend but I was still extra happy because some of my friends were able to drop by and a few even bought my products.

Thank you, Universe, for the love and support :)

PS You can find other photos of the fair here.
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