Thursday, August 30

Raindrops and Wall Art

I am getting addicted to this pattern maybe because of the heat and my incessant craving for saltwater and fine sand.

I spent numerous rainy afternoons for this set of alphabet. What I found the most challenging was making sure that I drew the mirror images  of the letters on the carving block! I kept on forgetting.

PS You can see the other photos here.


  1. Sew excited for your Crafternoon!!! Sana talaga makapunta ako :D

  2. Wina!! :) :) I'm so happy makakapunta ka!
    Ms. Jed Lazaro :))) Sa may Katip lang, Sta. Clara Chuch ;p

  3. Mansy! Hii, this is Alex from the Alabama Fair. May I post your poster on my tumblr? I really like it. I'll give you due credit~~


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