Wednesday, August 29


1 Happenstance Exhibit at the The Little Dröm Store

2 Brass jewelry packaging

3 New work station


From late July to last week, I'd easily get tired. At 11.30 in the evening, I'd get off from work; but, it's not until 2 AM that I'd fall asleep. Then in the morning, I'd wake up too early, 7AM - even 6AM sometimes.

I knew I had to stop idling online, especially at night; but, I  just couldn't help clicking the refresh and like buttons  even when I was too already tired #modernslavery.  How could I sacrifice physical and mental health for social updates? But I'm happy I am kind of over that phase.

I just want to be well-rested again.

1 comment:

  1. ikr?! I was able to semi unplug for 2-3 weeks then I saw a bunch of new blogs, subscribed, boom! There goes the time :/ There has to be a social addict anonymous *lol* somewhere XD


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