Tuesday, September 25

Wear Washi

I am happy I got to sit down, gather my washi tapes, and turn a month-old jewelry idea to this:

I wanted to make a pair of earrings for each washi design but did not have enough jewelry mountings. Hopefully, I'd be able to experiment with other materials so I can sell them at art fairs :)

Here's another Wear Washi Project:

With air-dry clay and abaca string, I was able to make washi necklaces. The most challenging part was choosing which washi patterns I should use. As always, I wanted to use them all at once.

Friday, September 21

Rabbit and Grass Prints

One night, the village security called and informed us that our rabbit had escaped! Of course, Goms ran outside right away and went after his pet. As for me, I just stood by our gate, watched, and laughed. How the heck did the guard know the rabbit belonged to us??

Actually, that wasn't the first time the rabbit escaped. One time, after we attended a fair in UP, just meters away from our house, we saw a white dot "frolicking" in the greens.

And yes! It was the rabbit. Oh well, Goms needed exercise anyway! Hehe ;)


These are the rubbercut prints I've been working on lately. At the end of the month, they'll be in the Land of the Pines. I wish I'd be able go up North and deliver them personally.

PS Details of the next Rubbercut Crafternoon will be posted soon :)

Monday, September 17

First Rubbercut Crafternoon

Oh lovely crafty ladies,

Thank you for braving the ACET traffic and bipolar weather to join me and Alessa for an afternoon of happy conversations, hearty laughs, acoustic music, good food, and rubbercutting last Saturday ♡

The first Rubbercut Crafternoon!

PS Thank you too,

Johnoy Danao for serenading us
Pipino for the healthy and yummy food (esp MUSHROOM SALPICAO ♡♡)
Hey Kessy for the buntings/garlands
Berza for dropping by
Paul and Mando for taking photos and videos

and of course, to Alessa for throwing this awesome Craft Garden Party with me:)

PS I will post more photos soon ;)

Tuesday, September 11

Today at Gigi Glassland

1. Something my cute and talented crafter friend, Wina, made for me. Can't wait to hit the beach and wear it! :)

2. Tried to "hone" my non-existent calligraphy skills with Aaron and Wina before going to work. I'm not really a fan of sweets but that place serves heavenly cupcakes! Plus, they have a really nice synthetic grass carpet.

3. For cleaning the nibs

Monday, September 10

Plants and Rubbercutting

This article has made me think about and reevaluate - in a good light - the kind of art and craft projects I dedicate my time on. My love for the outdoors & nature is made even more evident. I'm glad that these things and a few more which I value, always resonate in the things that I create, in my daily life.

And since I don't have a green thumb, I content myself with this rubbercut pocket garden ☼ I also made some stickers which I'll be selling during the Hip Pinoy Art and Food Bazaar in October.


PS You can also see another project similar to this one, here.

PPS Alessa and I are having a Rubbercut Crafternoon+ Garden Party next Saturday, September 15! :) It's going to be an afternoon of crafts, relaxed conversations, delish food, and good music. Hope to see you there! Sign up e-sheet here.

Thursday, September 6

New Hey Kessy Washi Tape Designs

Hey Kessy's latest washi tape designs are here! I used them for the packaging of my rubbercut prints I gave out to fellow crafters and makers during the 2nd Craft Soiree :)

These Hey Kessy Artist Edition washi tapes are wider and longer than the previous rolls! My favorite are the newspaper and collage designs. It seems like everything they touch turns arts. 

Check out the complete collection here :)

Oh Hey Kessy

These washi and baker's twine samplers were raffled off during the 2nd Craft SoirĂ©e organized by Alessa two weekends ago.

PS I was so happy when Meg of Eve & Co. Floral and Event Styling emailed me photos of Hey Kessy's feature in the August issue of Wedding Essentials (Volume 8, Issue 3).

Wednesday, September 5

Forest Stickers

I always think of the mountains, forests, springs, and waterfalls I'd see during our climbing trips back in college. It's something I'd never want to forget nor give up. But since I don't have the time to climb mountains now, I try to make it part of my daily life in simple ways that I can :)

Saturday, September 1

Rubbercut Crafternoon on the 15th

Let's hangout on September 15 and have a Rubbercut Crafternoon! :) You can make your own rubber stamps, personalize your stamp pad, and design your own wrapping paper (*ehem* Christmas *ehem*) and tote bags.

It will be an afternoon of good food, happy conversations, and beautiful handmade prints! You'll also get to meet fellow artists and crafters.

Kit: Includes just about everything you need to make more prints when you go home! :)
Food: Of course!
Fee: P1,500

To register, go here.

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