Thursday, September 6

New Hey Kessy Washi Tape Designs

Hey Kessy's latest washi tape designs are here! I used them for the packaging of my rubbercut prints I gave out to fellow crafters and makers during the 2nd Craft Soiree :)

These Hey Kessy Artist Edition washi tapes are wider and longer than the previous rolls! My favorite are the newspaper and collage designs. It seems like everything they touch turns arts. 

Check out the complete collection here :)


  1. Cuteness! Nakakatuwa that we have and love the same stuff: Borrower's cards (I put mine in books I lend friends hehe), a custom stamp with our site (in cursive din!), and a typewriter! So cosmic and awesome :) Galing tayo sa isang tribe of birds hihi. See you soon! <3

    P.S. Oh and our Dymo hahaha

  2. Halloo Drea!
    Yes! And our love for pottery and snailmail! :p

    The Dymo Society ☼

    See ya!

  3. Where did you get your borrowers cards?! Those are adorable! I hafta order more washi tape D:

  4. They're from National.
    Yeah washi tapes! ;)

  5. [...] 3. Newspaper Washi Tapes by Hey Kessy [...]


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