Monday, September 17

First Rubbercut Crafternoon

Oh lovely crafty ladies,

Thank you for braving the ACET traffic and bipolar weather to join me and Alessa for an afternoon of happy conversations, hearty laughs, acoustic music, good food, and rubbercutting last Saturday ♡

The first Rubbercut Crafternoon!

PS Thank you too,

Johnoy Danao for serenading us
Pipino for the healthy and yummy food (esp MUSHROOM SALPICAO ♡♡)
Hey Kessy for the buntings/garlands
Berza for dropping by
Paul and Mando for taking photos and videos

and of course, to Alessa for throwing this awesome Craft Garden Party with me:)

PS I will post more photos soon ;)


  1. I had so much fun! I actually went out an bought white paint and a few more erasers (which I plan to hack into my own set of alphabet stamps soon :D)

  2. Haha! Me too! I'm addicted. I have been scouting stores for rubber erasers and soles. ;))

  3. Hello there!

    Yay!! Glad you enjoyed the afternoon. Show us your projects ;p


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