Monday, September 10

Plants and Rubbercutting

This article has made me think about and reevaluate - in a good light - the kind of art and craft projects I dedicate my time on. My love for the outdoors & nature is made even more evident. I'm glad that these things and a few more which I value, always resonate in the things that I create, in my daily life.

And since I don't have a green thumb, I content myself with this rubbercut pocket garden ☼ I also made some stickers which I'll be selling during the Hip Pinoy Art and Food Bazaar in October.


PS You can also see another project similar to this one, here.

PPS Alessa and I are having a Rubbercut Crafternoon+ Garden Party next Saturday, September 15! :) It's going to be an afternoon of crafts, relaxed conversations, delish food, and good music. Hope to see you there! Sign up e-sheet here.


  1. Hi, where can i buy the stamps?

  2. Hello!

    I hand-carved the stamps. If you want a personalized one, email me. ;p

  3. Your blog is amazing and so inspirational! Just wanted to drop that. Haha. :))


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