Friday, September 21

Rabbit and Grass Prints

One night, the village security called and informed us that our rabbit had escaped! Of course, Goms ran outside right away and went after his pet. As for me, I just stood by our gate, watched, and laughed. How the heck did the guard know the rabbit belonged to us??

Actually, that wasn't the first time the rabbit escaped. One time, after we attended a fair in UP, just meters away from our house, we saw a white dot "frolicking" in the greens.

And yes! It was the rabbit. Oh well, Goms needed exercise anyway! Hehe ;)


These are the rubbercut prints I've been working on lately. At the end of the month, they'll be in the Land of the Pines. I wish I'd be able go up North and deliver them personally.

PS Details of the next Rubbercut Crafternoon will be posted soon :)

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