Tuesday, October 30

Hand-carved Alphabet and Plants

It took me a couple of afternoons to work on this alphabet. I thought I wouldn't be able to finish this because there were letters which were just too challenging!

Whenever I have free time at work, I make two to three plant stamps! Carving keeps me entertained and happy :) I use them to make stickers and personalize mailing envelopes.

I prepared an envelope similar to the ones above for my October Mail Swap partner.

PS We will have another Rubbercut Crafternoon on November 10. Register here :)
PPS Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party on November 24. Register here :)

Thursday, October 25

Snailmail Swap Update :)

I am so grateful a lot of people joined our first Snailmail Swap. This would definitely make  our friends at the post office so happy :)

As it was my first time to organize a swap like this, I was surprised that even people from other countries joined! Also, thanks to those who have emailed me their suggestions and helpful questions. It made me understand the nitty-gritty (i.e. theme & deadline) of a snailmail swap.

And of course, a shout out to the following lovely ladies who signed up:

1. Allie, Philippines
2. Geli, Philippines
3. Drea, Philippines
4. Airees, Philippines
5. April, Philippines 
6. Roma, Philippines 
7. Ritchelle, Philippines
8. Richelle, Philippines 
9. Angel, Philippines
10. Jerose, Philippines
11. Cabbie, Philippines
12. Mariel, Philippines
13. Frances, Philippines
14. Tippy, Philippines 
15. Loreen, Philippines
16. Aimee, Australia
17. Jonette, Philippines
18. Alanis, Philippines
19. Athera, Singapore
20. Ellie, Philipines
21. Nina, Philippines
22. Stephanie, Philippines
23. Jennifer, Philippines
24. Kay, Philippines
25. Aya, Philippines
25. Eula, Philippines
26. Joycee, Philippines
27. Aina, Philippines
28. Tina, USA
29. Karia, Philipines
30. Charlene, Philippines
31. Nike, Philippines
32. Kimberly, Philippines
33. Daniely Kaity, Philippines
34. Kathleen, Philippines
35. Maniel, Malaysia
36. Alessa, Philippines
37. Madelyn, Philippines
38. Sheryleen, Philippines
39. Jessica, Philippines
40. Marielle, Philippines
42. Laura, Netherlands
43. Kit Kat, Philippines
44. Mansy, Philippines

Oh ladies, don't forget to inform me via email when you've sent your parcels already. Share photos! I'm sure everyone would love take a peek in your envelopes! I am planning to host another Snailmail Swap for Christmas. You can already email me if you're interested :)


PS Rubbercut Crafternoon on Nov 10. Sign up here.
PPS Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party on Nov 24. Register here.

Monday, October 22

Sunrays and Saturdays

This is what I've been wanting to achieve for almost two weeks now. Partial French Braid with Cascading Hair - the name makes me want to give up! It sounds so pretty but too difficult!

It is also because of Edwina why I want to get the hang of braiding. Every time she goes to work, I can't help but notice her hairstyle! It seems so simple - the kind you could do while relaxing in a park - but requires practice and patience. Yesterday, before going to Alessa's Craft Party, I tried to make a braided hairband. It looked like this:

After the party, I met up with my friend, Nico, to watch ARGO. I liked it that the people in the movie house clapped after the movie. It was a really good one!


I brought my rubbercut craft box to the Craft Party yesterday. Some of my ink pads are drying up. I'm not sure if it's because of the weather. Airees advised me to turn them upside down when storing so the ink wouldn't settle at the bottom.

This is one of the tote bags I've designed. Along with the other ladies' bags, it was raffled off after the party and Jeanie got it!


On our way home from an art event for kids last Saturday, I asked Mawsy to pick flowers. He was throwing a tantrum at that time so I was really glad it calmed him enough to want to play with his scooter. He seemed so happy after :)


These are the glassine craft kits I have been preparing for the Messy Washi Party! Yes, I know it will not be until November but I am just so excited!

If you want to attend the party, you can read the details here and register here. Only 3 slots left! Yay!

I went with Dana to the Collective for the Wall Lords 2012. The experience was different and fun! I was exposed to a new kind of art (and fumes!). Graffiti was something I'd see every day but never really pondered on. The event has made me see the local graffiti scene in a whole new light and admire how skilled local graffers are. They're really good and take their art seriously.

Wednesday, October 17

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party

Hello washi lovers!♡

Let's get crafty on November 24 at the first Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party! We'll be making simple and fun projects with washi tape, bakerʼs twine, and other craft materials.

Fee is only P1750. Inclusive of use of all the craft tools and materials* during the event and 8 rolls of washi tape.

BONUS: As a participant, you also get first dibs on the 50 new regular and Christmas washi tape designs before they are made available in the Hey Kessy website!

Some DIY projects you can make at the party: Christmas jars, Christmas coasters, personalized wooden spoons and forks, Christmas gift wrappers, mini notebooks, postcards, personalized gift boxes, collages, garlands, buntings, origami Christmas ornaments, twine pompoms, and many more!

Everyone is also encouraged to do their own projects, and at the end of the session, the best one will get a special package from Hey Kessy!

Let's gather, share, and craft on November 24, Saturday, 2-5pm, at Pipino, Maginhawa! Oh, and did we mention thereʼll be free food?

Slots are limited.

Register now!


* Craft punchers, Mod Podge, baker’s twines, abaca lace, pink and white paper doilies, wooden spoons and forks, rectangular gift tags, circular kraft tags, glassine bags, white gift boxes, cute jars/bottles, craft sewing machine, typewriter, catalogue envelopes, coloring materials, Kraft wrapping paper, glassine-ish wrapping paper, origami paper, blackboard stickers, stamps, and blank postcards (300gsm).

Monday, October 15

Christmas Charms and Pendants

I knew I wouldn't be able to wake up early enough to line up for the first ATENEO-UST game last last Saturday, and what better way to spend the afternoon than be with fellow crafters, right? :) I joined Alessa's Silver Metal Clay Crafternoon! Mia told me about Precious Metal Clay (PMC) before when she learned about my brass jewelry.  We even wanted to make a mini kiln.

This is the first ring I've ever made from silver nuggets! It could be really challenging to melt, solder, and polish silver jewelry, so I asked my brother, Harry, to help me.

The other Christmas pendants I've made recently are mini collages. I combined contrasting washi designs on flat beads and sealed them with glue, water, and acrylic emulsion.

Saturday, October 13

One Big Five!

So how do you make a single blog post about foxes, basketball, Ateneo, Taco Bell, origami, and Hey Kessy?


I don't mind standing up at the highest GA row as long as I could watch the game live! So, when Pol and Ditch told me that we should line up already to get inside Araneta Coliseum early and get good seats, I asked them to go ahead and just reserve a seat for me. I'd rather stay at Taco Bell and make some crafts! I was able to make these washi origami letters before we braved the lineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



If you can't find origami paper, you can always upcycle a piece of scratch paper with washi tapes! It's cuter and more affordable. I have an origami application on my iPod so whenever I get bored, wherever I am, I can craft! :)


Meet Mr. Duck (made by Pol) and Mr. Fox

PS Thank you, Ditch, for the tixx and Hey Kessy, for the blue and floral washi tapes! :)

PPS Oh Kiefer ♡

Thursday, October 11

Afternoon Delights

1. Parla Con 'Mee Project for my sister, Germee

2. Sa buhay, okay lang mabagal, basta 'wag lang hihinto.

3. I like how I am used to going out often again. It used to be so difficult.

4. I will be making collages for a special event in December. I hope these flowers cooperate and dry up soon!

Wednesday, October 10

October Mail Swap

Hello! :)

If you want to receive a snailmail, join our October Mail Swap!

To sign-up, please email me the ff:

1. Name
2. Blog links (if there are any)
3. Shipping address

I think it would be more fun if we send our mails thru our good ol' post offices. I've read some articles about post offices (international and local) that are forced to lay off employees or close down altogether because of lack of funds. So, I thought why not help them in our own ways by using their services, right? :)

PS You can sign up until October 14, Sunday.

Tuesday, October 9

A Craft Visit

You know it's gonna be a good day when your friends visit you and want to have a spontaneous craft tambay!

When I was a fresh grad, Des would tease me of always having mini workshops in my room whenever she'd see my craft mess, "ano may workshop ka?" or "wumu-workshop?". HAHA! I was so happy when she texted that she and Trixie were on their way to my house.

They made a postcard using Hey Kessy washi tapes!

Oh ayan Des, nakapag workshop ka na! ;)

Monday, October 8

Save the Date!

I know it's just the first week of October but I can't really contain my excitement to throw a craft party for fellow washi lovers. Can't give the details yet but, let's just say it will be an afternoon of washi crafts! :)

Brown + Pink

I was volunteered by my friend (Hello Edwina! Haha ;)) to decorate our pantry cork board. So, I made some circular kraft tags and painted them with Christmas trees and gift boxes, to hang on the sides of the board.

Neon pink and white look good on brown, I've just realized. Above is the poster version of a Forest Postcard  and my practice sheet for a project I'm doing for my sister. It was a relaxed Sunday afternoon until my circular puncher suddenly stopped working and Mawsy tried to
play with my craft toys! Haha :)

Anyhoo, this is my fail puncher. I am trying to look for a more reliable brand. Please let me know if you have recommendations :)

PS Maw's a "he" by the way. The kid just loves to keep his hair long ;)

Friday, October 5

Doors and Windows of Nepal

One late afternoon, my friend, Noemi, and I were walking in one of the side streets in Bandipur, Nepal. We passed by two Nepali lolos, and one of them said something in a local dialect. At first, we didn't know he was talking to us so we ignored him. He kept on calling us and when we eventually stopped, they were surprised we were not locals!

While talking, a bird pooped on one of them. He didn't even notice it. I started laughing and figured I wouldn't stop giggling unless I told him about the poop on his arm. So, I did. He laughed too but he told me it was a blessing. And he was right, I guess. He smiled and wiped it off with a leaf. He did it as if it were the next most natural thing to breathing.

Such a simple gesture but it made me realize how lucky they were being so comfortable, at peace with nature. This is also evident in the way they dress their doors and windows. They hang twigs, leaves, and other found objects. These garlands and the vibrant colors they use make their neighborhoods  more alive.

You'd really stop to appreciate.

You can see more photos here :)
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