Thursday, October 11

Afternoon Delights

1. Parla Con 'Mee Project for my sister, Germee

2. Sa buhay, okay lang mabagal, basta 'wag lang hihinto.

3. I like how I am used to going out often again. It used to be so difficult.

4. I will be making collages for a special event in December. I hope these flowers cooperate and dry up soon!


  1. Hey Mansy!
    I am in love with this flower: Statis, they are like Everlastings, they're already dried and they come in many colors: violet, magenta, bright yellow, blue and white. I used to buy them in Dangwa for around Php20 per bungkos I remember, and I used them in the collages I made with my mom eons ago, if my memory serves me right. You might want to try using it, so you don't have to dry them anymore. :) Just sharing. :) See you soon! Please bring my orders ha, thanks! :)

  2. I can't wait what collage you can come up with those flowers!!! :) Im sure its gonna be lovely.

  3. Drea! Talaga? Nice! Sige, punta ako this week to Dangwa :p See you next Sat!

  4. Awww thanks Airees! :) I need to fight my laziness or else patay! Haha I'll show you pictures!


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