Monday, October 8

Brown + Pink

I was volunteered by my friend (Hello Edwina! Haha ;)) to decorate our pantry cork board. So, I made some circular kraft tags and painted them with Christmas trees and gift boxes, to hang on the sides of the board.

Neon pink and white look good on brown, I've just realized. Above is the poster version of a Forest Postcard  and my practice sheet for a project I'm doing for my sister. It was a relaxed Sunday afternoon until my circular puncher suddenly stopped working and Mawsy tried to
play with my craft toys! Haha :)

Anyhoo, this is my fail puncher. I am trying to look for a more reliable brand. Please let me know if you have recommendations :)

PS Maw's a "he" by the way. The kid just loves to keep his hair long ;)


  1. Gusto ko makita yung finished product! :P BTW, am thinking of doing a colourscheme thingamajig sa blog ko, can I pin your photo for future use/reference? :D

  2. Haha sige pag natapos ko na! ;p Sure, Allie! :D

  3. Looks nice! Yung circle puncher ko walang tatak na made in China ata sa Natio ko binili nung unang panahon. Mapurol na yung blade pero mura lang ata, check out the area of All About Scrapbooking, not sure kung meron pa, it's green. :) I like this project! Yung obsession ko ngayon neon pink poster paint and gold poster paint, hehe. Mabilis matuyo at lumapot yung pink though.

  4. I love the simple look of paint on brown kraft paper! These are lovely!

  5. You're welcome! LOL. Those are pretty colors! I'm excited to see the decorated cork board.

    And speaking of pink... magpaparamdam na ako dito para i-model mo na yung bigay ko sa'yo :)

  6. Onga eh, ang hassle! Una, naging blunt ung blade, tapos bigla nalang ayaw na bumaba nung blade :s Hindi ko tuloy alam kung matatapos ko ung project or gamit nalang ako ng ibang materials! Haha. Oooh try ko nga ung gold!

    Thanks Drea! Sige, hanap ako ;p

  7. Thank you! :D Yeah, I couldn't stop photographing the tags! Haha.

    Too bad my puncher is broken! I have to buy a new one to be able to finish the project.

  8. Wina! Haha super simple lang niya! :p Hindi ko na nilagyan ng decoration ung board mismo kasi matatakpan rin. :p

    Whahaha sige! Crunches muna ako!!! :) :)


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