Friday, October 5

Doors and Windows of Nepal

One late afternoon, my friend, Noemi, and I were walking in one of the side streets in Bandipur, Nepal. We passed by two Nepali lolos, and one of them said something in a local dialect. At first, we didn't know he was talking to us so we ignored him. He kept on calling us and when we eventually stopped, they were surprised we were not locals!

While talking, a bird pooped on one of them. He didn't even notice it. I started laughing and figured I wouldn't stop giggling unless I told him about the poop on his arm. So, I did. He laughed too but he told me it was a blessing. And he was right, I guess. He smiled and wiped it off with a leaf. He did it as if it were the next most natural thing to breathing.

Such a simple gesture but it made me realize how lucky they were being so comfortable, at peace with nature. This is also evident in the way they dress their doors and windows. They hang twigs, leaves, and other found objects. These garlands and the vibrant colors they use make their neighborhoods  more alive.

You'd really stop to appreciate.

You can see more photos here :)

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