Thursday, November 1

Hand-carved Rubber Stamps: Car and Flower

Last weekend, I joined a craft fair and on the last day, Paul manned the Hey Kessy booth with me. I thought he was going to get bored because I would often leave the station and goof around with my friends who were also there as sellers.

Good thing I came to the event prepared. I brought all the products, samples, freebies, and of course, my rubber cutting tools. Paul found them and made his own stamp! :)

I taught him the basics and told him to use my X-acto for the thin lines, but he managed just by using the wood carving tools.

I also prepared rubbercut prints for the fair and the stamps I used were displayed on the table. There were several people who asked me if the stamps were for sale. Hopefully, I'll have more free time this November so I can make stamps that I can sell.

Can't get enough of flower stamps! This is partly because I can't find anything else that I could draw. One of the buyers from the fair asked me if she could join the Rubbercut Crafternoon on November 10 even if she couldn't draw. "But of course!". The first time I encountered hand-carved stamps, I thought it was something not meant for me but I still tried it. I think one would always find a thing or two - flowers and patterns in my case - that they could draw and make into a stamp :)

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