Thursday, October 25

Snailmail Swap Update :)

I am so grateful a lot of people joined our first Snailmail Swap. This would definitely make  our friends at the post office so happy :)

As it was my first time to organize a swap like this, I was surprised that even people from other countries joined! Also, thanks to those who have emailed me their suggestions and helpful questions. It made me understand the nitty-gritty (i.e. theme & deadline) of a snailmail swap.

And of course, a shout out to the following lovely ladies who signed up:

1. Allie, Philippines
2. Geli, Philippines
3. Drea, Philippines
4. Airees, Philippines
5. April, Philippines 
6. Roma, Philippines 
7. Ritchelle, Philippines
8. Richelle, Philippines 
9. Angel, Philippines
10. Jerose, Philippines
11. Cabbie, Philippines
12. Mariel, Philippines
13. Frances, Philippines
14. Tippy, Philippines 
15. Loreen, Philippines
16. Aimee, Australia
17. Jonette, Philippines
18. Alanis, Philippines
19. Athera, Singapore
20. Ellie, Philipines
21. Nina, Philippines
22. Stephanie, Philippines
23. Jennifer, Philippines
24. Kay, Philippines
25. Aya, Philippines
25. Eula, Philippines
26. Joycee, Philippines
27. Aina, Philippines
28. Tina, USA
29. Karia, Philipines
30. Charlene, Philippines
31. Nike, Philippines
32. Kimberly, Philippines
33. Daniely Kaity, Philippines
34. Kathleen, Philippines
35. Maniel, Malaysia
36. Alessa, Philippines
37. Madelyn, Philippines
38. Sheryleen, Philippines
39. Jessica, Philippines
40. Marielle, Philippines
42. Laura, Netherlands
43. Kit Kat, Philippines
44. Mansy, Philippines

Oh ladies, don't forget to inform me via email when you've sent your parcels already. Share photos! I'm sure everyone would love take a peek in your envelopes! I am planning to host another Snailmail Swap for Christmas. You can already email me if you're interested :)


PS Rubbercut Crafternoon on Nov 10. Sign up here.
PPS Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party on Nov 24. Register here.

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