Monday, October 22

Sunrays and Saturdays

This is what I've been wanting to achieve for almost two weeks now. Partial French Braid with Cascading Hair - the name makes me want to give up! It sounds so pretty but too difficult!

It is also because of Edwina why I want to get the hang of braiding. Every time she goes to work, I can't help but notice her hairstyle! It seems so simple - the kind you could do while relaxing in a park - but requires practice and patience. Yesterday, before going to Alessa's Craft Party, I tried to make a braided hairband. It looked like this:

After the party, I met up with my friend, Nico, to watch ARGO. I liked it that the people in the movie house clapped after the movie. It was a really good one!


I brought my rubbercut craft box to the Craft Party yesterday. Some of my ink pads are drying up. I'm not sure if it's because of the weather. Airees advised me to turn them upside down when storing so the ink wouldn't settle at the bottom.

This is one of the tote bags I've designed. Along with the other ladies' bags, it was raffled off after the party and Jeanie got it!


On our way home from an art event for kids last Saturday, I asked Mawsy to pick flowers. He was throwing a tantrum at that time so I was really glad it calmed him enough to want to play with his scooter. He seemed so happy after :)


These are the glassine craft kits I have been preparing for the Messy Washi Party! Yes, I know it will not be until November but I am just so excited!

If you want to attend the party, you can read the details here and register here. Only 3 slots left! Yay!

I went with Dana to the Collective for the Wall Lords 2012. The experience was different and fun! I was exposed to a new kind of art (and fumes!). Graffiti was something I'd see every day but never really pondered on. The event has made me see the local graffiti scene in a whole new light and admire how skilled local graffers are. They're really good and take their art seriously.

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  1. It was lovely to finally meet you, Mansy! And thanks so much for letting me use your stamps! :) Keep smiling. :)


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