Tuesday, November 27

Merry Merry Mail Swap

It's time for another mail swap! Christmas is fast approaching (only 27 days to go!) and it wouldn't be complete without receiving a crafty parcel from a new found friend, right? :)
Join our Merry Mail Swap!

Things to keep in mind:
1. Partners will be assigned on December 3.
2. Our theme is CHRISTMAS! Just fill your envelope with anything Christmas-y! But of course, things DIY-ed or handmade are preferred!
3. Christmas parcels should be sent by December 16.
4. Email me if you have sent yours. If I don't receive any confirmation from you by December 16, be prepared to be bugged by me and your partner ;)
5. You can opt to use our good ol' postal service or any courier as long as you send it.

The following people have already registered:
1. Sheh A.
2. Tarik G.
3. Airees R.
4. Elisa C.
5. Richelle M.
6. Alanis A.
7. Kathleen H.
8. Tippy G.
9. Cabbie L.
10. Daniel Kaity M.
11. Aya D.
12. Eula T.
13. Gn O.

If you want to join (or have already registered but your name isn't listed), please email (again) Hey Kessy (contact@heykessy.com) the ff:

1. Complete Name
2. Complete Mailing address
3. Blog link/s

Here are blog posts about our previous mail swap:

Hey Kessy

You ca sign up until December 1!

Disclaimer: For obvious reasons, Hey Kessy isn't responsible for any lost/unreceived packages.

Alone Time with Kessy

Yes, rubbercutting is really addicting! So, if we are meeting up and you're already late, you don't have to send me that nervous, rush text, " Papunta na ako. Medyo malalate lang". I'll just be making stamps while waiting.

It took me a good 15 minutes to hand-carve a rubber stamp of Hey Kessy's logo. I used it to personalize gift tags, tissue belts, and scratch cards for the Messy Washi Party last Saturday.

On a different note, I discovered that strawberry jam would taste so much better when eaten with rock salt.

Friday, November 23

Plans for Saturday

Two more days and I'll be able to meet and craft party with my fellow washi lovers :)

With all the things I need to accomplish before Saturday, I seriously need extra pairs of hands. What surprises me is that I am not stressed about it. I guess I really enjoy what I am doing at this point in my life - for which I am so grateful.

I read somewhere that doing something you love for others is a whole lot different thing from doing it for yourself. It is risky because it could "kill" your passion. Yeah, I could see why but I believe it's evitable. I think you just have to keep moving,  looking for new ways to express your creativity. And if you ever get tired, slow down or  take a rest.

On another note, here are the washi coasters I've made for Christmas! They make things extra cozy :)

We will be making more coasters on Saturday

Maw and I harvested twigs and dried leaves a few days ago around the village. I am planning to use the twigs to make a rack for name tags.

It's not included in the initial line up of craft projects but I've decided to share my personal stash of tools and materials to make washi pendants. Most of the participants have become my online craft friends and I know they'd enjoy making wearable washi projects :)

On another note, I don't really cook but when I scanned this magazine, I think I'm going to give cooking another chance! Not just because they've featured Hey Kessy haha (!).  The food doesn't only look yummy and pretty, they also seem simple to prepare. 

Yummy Magazine November Issue  Hey Kessy

PS Thank you, Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez, for visiting and featuring us, Alabamers :) You can read her blog post about the latest 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair here.

PPS Thanks you, Karrots Nazareno, for featuring Hey Kessy in your podcast/show, Live Love Lolz. Watch it here!

PPPS (if there is such a thing ;p) Thank you, YUMMY MAGAZINE, for featuring Hey Kessy Baker's Twines in your November issue :)

Monday, November 19

At Pinto

I read somewhere that you can never really be too busy and that you can always make time for things.

I agree.

So, even when I was swamped with a lot of things - wedding invites, jewelry design, mail swap, washi party, art exhibit, art fairs, workshops, work, and Hey Kessy stuff - I packed my craft toolbox and went to Antipolo last Wednesday! It was a happy escape from all the deadlines and expectations of the world.

On my way up Antipolo, I saw Kirk Long talking to some people on the side of the street. Then I thought, "ah, this is gonna be a good day" :)

Edible flowers Dina harvested from her garden

Dina, one of the "cousins" I gained at an arts and crafts fair two weeks ago, adopted me for the day! We stayed at their house and in the afternoon, headed to Pinto Art Gallery. I was so happy because I didn't expect I'd be able to visit the gallery earlier than December.

I am a very visual person so when I'm surrounded with art or nature, I feel sooo happy and moved, like I can take on anything in the world and that create whatever it is that I can imagine.

Wall Piece
Jose Santos III
Oil on canvas

Elisa and Laura's Pink Dresses
Marina Cruz
Embroidery on Lazer -Printed Canvas

Ian Quirante
Oil on canvas

Into the Real of Consciousness
Keiye Miranda
Oil on canvas

As if the day wasn't perfect yet, I was even able to finish my October project. And it made sense! Of course, it had to be at Pinto Gallery where these postcards had to be finished. Perfect timing!

Cuz borrowed my dipping pen to practice calligraphy... I think I wasn't a very good teacher so she just doodled away! ;)

It was just a good 45-minute drive down. On my way back, I felt empowered and kept on laughing like a silly truant L(


PS Hi Iona and Pao! You guys were right! It is a very beautiful place. I hope it was a happy surprise for you guys that the invites were finished at the gallery. So excited for December! :)

Friday, November 16

My Bike

I made another hand-carved rubber stamp! I thought it was going to be difficult because of the fine lines but my X-acto knife pulled it off...or so I think :)

This stamp is also a reminder that I should prepare for the coming Tour of the Fireflies! I am so excited because Pol  said I could wear a costume (!!!) and borrow one of his bikes. I just wish he manages to have it fixed before Sunday though.

Poster by Paul Imbong

Thursday, November 15

Saturday, October 13

My October 13 started with me and Edwina trying to make Mawsy happy and join the other kids paint at the Imaginocean event at Moonleaf. Ike also helped but to no avail. So, I just fed him macaroons...lots of it! We also picked flowers just outside the shop just so he could forget about his kiddie problems for a while :)


In the afternoon, I met up with Dana to go to the Wall Lords 2012 at the Collective in Makati. Our bus trip was just too long! I think I was able to watch an entire movie.


Erbee's graff crew won. Congrats! :)

Just like what I mentioned here, the event made me appreciate local graffiti. About two years ago, my friend Des gave me a poster of one of Banksy's works. For months, I was a Banksy fangirl (Haha). I watched videos about him, researched about his works, etc.

I also became observant of local graffiti. However, they were all the same to me back then - just vandals. Until I saw this graffiti near Eastwood.  It was so simple, just the name of the artist in plain letters. What made me notice and admire it was its location - on one of the sides of a high flyover. I tried to imagine how the artist climbed the flyover, put on a harness or something, and wrote his name. Did he have to do it in the wee hours of morning? Did he have to rush or put on a mask? Did he have friends with him that night? And I thought he was really talented and skillful.

But my interest in graffiti faded. I don't exactly know why. Maybe I didn't pass by that flyover often enough?

After the event, I went to Katipunan with Dana and Enzo. We were supposed to go to Ateneo for the 5Peat Bonfire but it was so traffic so we ended up at Jollibee. All I can say is that we laughed a lot! Des, Migen, and their blockmates came too!


Des and Migen drove me home! To call the night off, Migen made a Christmas card using my hand-carved stamps:

I love how almost everything leads to craft tambay these days :)

It's Her Birthday

Hi Mommy,

Happy birthday! :) Thank you for introducing me to art and photography, lending me your art materials when I was a kid, enrolling me to different summer clinics (ballet, taekwondo, violin, horse-back ring, and the list goes on!), preparing me a glass of milk or Ensure every day, and always supporting and protecting my dreams :)

I know you don't have much time for arts and crafts like you used to but very soon, I hope you could just sit around the house the entire day and do one of the things you love doing most  - making art.

Rona Abesamis
Oil on canvas

And thank god, I've finally found your unfinished painting. Whew! I'd never let anyone art-napped it again so, whenever you're free and in the mood to be artsy, it's just here waiting for you! :)

You're my favorite artist and person ♡ Love you, mommysh!
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