Tuesday, November 27

Alone Time with Kessy

Yes, rubbercutting is really addicting! So, if we are meeting up and you're already late, you don't have to send me that nervous, rush text, " Papunta na ako. Medyo malalate lang". I'll just be making stamps while waiting.

It took me a good 15 minutes to hand-carve a rubber stamp of Hey Kessy's logo. I used it to personalize gift tags, tissue belts, and scratch cards for the Messy Washi Party last Saturday.

On a different note, I discovered that strawberry jam would taste so much better when eaten with rock salt.


  1. It amuses that as I read this post, I too am rubbercutting a stamp. :p For another mail swap, in my case. Also, I really have to try that strawberry jam+salt combo. I love bread and anything that goes on it/in it/with it.

  2. cute stamps! wish i had more time rubber-cutting! on another note, i also find strawberry jam on bread with soynut butter (which i make with bits of rock salt too!) addicting! i eat it almost everyday!

  3. Oooh soynut butter! I'll try that too!

  4. Eula!!! I saw your new hand-carved stamps!! Ang galing! Lalo na ung glasses :) :)

  5. I bought a cutting mat & tools but I can't find eraser blocks XD << excuse on why I haven't started cutting yet..lol

    where do you buy those blocks? T-T

  6. Email Alessa of Life After Breakfast :)


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