Monday, November 19

At Pinto

I read somewhere that you can never really be too busy and that you can always make time for things.

I agree.

So, even when I was swamped with a lot of things - wedding invites, jewelry design, mail swap, washi party, art exhibit, art fairs, workshops, work, and Hey Kessy stuff - I packed my craft toolbox and went to Antipolo last Wednesday! It was a happy escape from all the deadlines and expectations of the world.

On my way up Antipolo, I saw Kirk Long talking to some people on the side of the street. Then I thought, "ah, this is gonna be a good day" :)

Edible flowers Dina harvested from her garden

Dina, one of the "cousins" I gained at an arts and crafts fair two weeks ago, adopted me for the day! We stayed at their house and in the afternoon, headed to Pinto Art Gallery. I was so happy because I didn't expect I'd be able to visit the gallery earlier than December.

I am a very visual person so when I'm surrounded with art or nature, I feel sooo happy and moved, like I can take on anything in the world and that create whatever it is that I can imagine.

Wall Piece
Jose Santos III
Oil on canvas

Elisa and Laura's Pink Dresses
Marina Cruz
Embroidery on Lazer -Printed Canvas

Ian Quirante
Oil on canvas

Into the Real of Consciousness
Keiye Miranda
Oil on canvas

As if the day wasn't perfect yet, I was even able to finish my October project. And it made sense! Of course, it had to be at Pinto Gallery where these postcards had to be finished. Perfect timing!

Cuz borrowed my dipping pen to practice calligraphy... I think I wasn't a very good teacher so she just doodled away! ;)

It was just a good 45-minute drive down. On my way back, I felt empowered and kept on laughing like a silly truant L(


PS Hi Iona and Pao! You guys were right! It is a very beautiful place. I hope it was a happy surprise for you guys that the invites were finished at the gallery. So excited for December! :)


  1. lovely surprise! thank you for the wonderful postcards, mansy! a few more days to goooo! *twirls*

  2. Ioana!!! :) I will email you tonight re our craft tambays ;p


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