Thursday, November 15

It's Her Birthday

Hi Mommy,

Happy birthday! :) Thank you for introducing me to art and photography, lending me your art materials when I was a kid, enrolling me to different summer clinics (ballet, taekwondo, violin, horse-back ring, and the list goes on!), preparing me a glass of milk or Ensure every day, and always supporting and protecting my dreams :)

I know you don't have much time for arts and crafts like you used to but very soon, I hope you could just sit around the house the entire day and do one of the things you love doing most  - making art.

Rona Abesamis
Oil on canvas

And thank god, I've finally found your unfinished painting. Whew! I'd never let anyone art-napped it again so, whenever you're free and in the mood to be artsy, it's just here waiting for you! :)

You're my favorite artist and person ♡ Love you, mommysh!


  1. Wow, is that your room? I love your room!!! Happy Birthday to your creative mama! :D

  2. Oh my, I love that first photo of you two. You guys are so cute.

    And your bedroom, heehee, it looks like you live on the floor because everything is situated to be in reach while on the floor.

  3. happy birthdaaay, mommysh!!! :) i love you!!!! :) i would never ever forget how we used to make art all day - trichem! :)

  4. Sweet mo Mansy! I love your Mom's painting, happy birthday to her! And see you tomorrow! :D

  5. Hehe thanks Dang! :) But I still want my own pocket garden and balcony!

    See you tomorrow!

  6. When are you coming back, Diche? Don't forget my pasalubong!

  7. Salamat Allie! :) Ang sarap ng food last night hehe.


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