Thursday, November 15

Saturday, October 13

My October 13 started with me and Edwina trying to make Mawsy happy and join the other kids paint at the Imaginocean event at Moonleaf. Ike also helped but to no avail. So, I just fed him macaroons...lots of it! We also picked flowers just outside the shop just so he could forget about his kiddie problems for a while :)


In the afternoon, I met up with Dana to go to the Wall Lords 2012 at the Collective in Makati. Our bus trip was just too long! I think I was able to watch an entire movie.


Erbee's graff crew won. Congrats! :)

Just like what I mentioned here, the event made me appreciate local graffiti. About two years ago, my friend Des gave me a poster of one of Banksy's works. For months, I was a Banksy fangirl (Haha). I watched videos about him, researched about his works, etc.

I also became observant of local graffiti. However, they were all the same to me back then - just vandals. Until I saw this graffiti near Eastwood.  It was so simple, just the name of the artist in plain letters. What made me notice and admire it was its location - on one of the sides of a high flyover. I tried to imagine how the artist climbed the flyover, put on a harness or something, and wrote his name. Did he have to do it in the wee hours of morning? Did he have to rush or put on a mask? Did he have friends with him that night? And I thought he was really talented and skillful.

But my interest in graffiti faded. I don't exactly know why. Maybe I didn't pass by that flyover often enough?

After the event, I went to Katipunan with Dana and Enzo. We were supposed to go to Ateneo for the 5Peat Bonfire but it was so traffic so we ended up at Jollibee. All I can say is that we laughed a lot! Des, Migen, and their blockmates came too!


Des and Migen drove me home! To call the night off, Migen made a Christmas card using my hand-carved stamps:

I love how almost everything leads to craft tambay these days :)

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