Thursday, February 21

Paper Pan: Washi + Papercutting Workshop

Let's cut class!

Join our Paper Pan: Papercutting Workshop on March 16, Saturday, 2-5PM, at the art gallery above the best cookie place in town, Sweet Ecstasy, Cubao X. If you know where Bellinis & Allan's Grill are at Cubao X, you wouldn't get lost :) We'll be making several works and you'll get to have your favorite piece framed.

Paper Pan Workshop

New Things: Paper Cut

Papercutting Workshop
More papercut artworks here :)

Fee: 1500, inclusive of 1 framed work, craft knife, cutting mat, different types of paper, 1 roll of Hey Kessy Washi Tape, practice sheets, and other materials you need for papercutting.

To REGISTER, go here :)

PS Don't know how to go to Cubao X? Here's a map!
PPS The framed artwork will be given 10 days after the workshop.


  1. Hi! Are your worshops open to newbies? like zero knowledge?


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