Monday, April 29

Playing with Brass


Brass is one of my favorite materials to work with. Ever since my mom introduced me to brass jewelry making, I've been trying to explore more ways and techniques on how to make the pieces even more unique.

For this piece, I used a pen-type engraver. I was able to integrate my forest drawings with it. At the 10a Alabama Fair, I let the buyers borrow my engraver and personalize the brass rings they bought from me.


Mountain Routine

I like it that the rings have that matte finish and maintain it. The ones I wear every day - even when I wash my hands - don't turn into black even if I don't clean them with a solution. My mom also suggested to try gold plating with them:


Once I'm done cleaning my room and organizing the area for jewelry making, I will experiment more and come up with other shapes and who knows, maybe other colors too :)

PS There's a Mochiko x Hey Kessy Washi Workshop on May 5. Everyone gets free mochi from Mochiko! To register, go here :)

PPS If you are interested in joining a Washi + Papercutting Workshop at the end of the month, send an email to

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  1. How you going mansy? Advance happy Mother's Day to your mom I miss your blog


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