Saturday, May 4

Papercut Envelope and Jewelry

In hopes of getting back to giving hand-written letters to family and friends, I did this papercut envelope:

Papercut Envelope

Papercut Envelope

Then I thought of papercutting the receivers' names and even my messages. But that would take too much time and stronger dedication!

Another papercut project I've made recently is this:

Papercut Jewelry

Papercut Jewelry

I used different Hey Kessy washi tape patterns as the background.

Papercut Jewelry

It's probably the smallest piece I've ever made - perfect to be a pendant. Though, I have yet to figure out what  jewelry base is good for this kind of project. Big, flat beads would be ideal but I don't think they exist - at least locally. Maybe air-dry clay would do?

PS We have a Mochiko x Hey Kessy Workshop on May 25. To know more about it, go her.
PPS The next Washi + Papercutting Workshop is on May 26. To register, go here.

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  1. How about felt? You can even try sewing them together :3


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