Tuesday, May 28

Some Things, May

1. Here's a boy who loves washi tapes! He even brought his own collection and joined his mom and sister at one of Hey Kessy's Washi + Papercutting workshops. This is something cool for me because it somehow proves to show that crafting and making is for everyone and shouldn't be demoted to being just about "pretty" things :)

Some Things, May

2. I made washi organizers the other day and prepared extra DIY washi organizer kits that will be F R E E for all the workshop participants this coming weekend. I hope they will be encouraged to make things themselves instead of just buying or worse, hoarding.

Some Things, May

3. I was invited to talk about Hey Kessy, crafting, and Handmade Movement at Homepage, Net 25. Although I was so nervous and the call time was at 6.30, I knew I wanted and had to do this. It's not every day I get to share to a wider audience one of the things that I love the most - making. I even forgot Hey Kessy's email when I was asked just before the segment ended. Nevertheless, it was a good experience ;)


4. I don't have a clue where to start with the super crazy, crafty, cool CRAFT CAMP we had last week! I keep on looking at the pictures and trying to relive it - especially the times when we would craft by the beach and Monday seemed so far away.

Craft Camp

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