Thursday, June 27

Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing at Cordillera Coffee

Cordillera Coffee

Cordillera Coffee

Cordillera Coffee

The Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing papercut I made for my mom last summer, is at Cordillera Coffee.

My good friends Iona and Pao, owners of the shop, are advocates of organic and locally-produced coffee. They buy their coffee beans above market prices - and organize coffee planting and harvesting activities to educate people what it entails to make good coffee. I joined their trip to Benguet last year, and it really helped me understand the need to support local coffee growers.

I hope you can drop by the coffee shop, try their coffee, and see the papercut :)

Monday, June 24

Wood x Washi Bangles

Washi Wear


Wear Washi

I've tried making washi jewelry using flat beads, clay, brass, and paper. Just recently, I found wooden bangles and figured they would also look cute with washi. I rummaged for my favorite Hey Kessy patterns and made 5 washi bangles in just one seating!

They look so raw, simple - my kind of crafty.

PS Mikko and I will have a Washi Jewelry Workshop on July 13. To register, go here :)

Thursday, June 20

Memories from Two Aprils Ago

1. I don't eat sweets a lot because my throat is kind of sensitive. But the cafe beside The Little Dröm Store serves really good cake and pastries. I just can't go home without buying a plateful.

Btw, I didn't get to finish the book in the photo. It's about the Dalai Lama and the things that could happen to Tibet when he's gone. Too bad someone stole it during the flight back home.

2. Magazines and cards from The Little Dröm Store. I don't get to finish all the magazines I buy because I'm so overwhelmed with how simple and pleasing to the eyes their covers are.

3. The afternoon this photo was taken, Noemi and I were in a small town outside Kathmandu. It was about 4 or 5 hours after I had eaten a really tasty but not-so-properly-prepared chicken dish. My stomach started to hurt like hell. I wanted to vomit and cry but I kind of forgot to when I saw the Himalayas.

4. The morning after that, I had to drink plain tea and eat bland food. Feeling so weak, I didn't get to talk to the other travelers, especially to the woman from Chile who backpacked on her own to Nepal from India (yes, she was all alone!). I admire her courage. I was quiet, bordering cranky. Thank god my travel buddy, Noemi, was really patient and more mature than I was :)

5. When we saw the Taj Mahal, I thought that it was really beautiful. I tried to imagine how the people and the elephants back then built it. Another reason why I enjoyed that day is that it was the only time we got to wear something above-the-knees during our trip. It was liberating.

The four towers surrounding the Taj are slightly leaning outwards. So, in the event of an earthquake or something similar, they wouldn't destroy the main mausoleum.

6. This one was taken in Jaipur. The Pink City is yes, pink. Or pink-orange. This is where I hoarded hand-carved wooden blocks. They're easy to spot in the streets. Just like dancing pythons. Haha.

I hope to go back.

Friday, June 14

SMB Icons for Microsoft

Life is definitely easier with Excel! I've been chosen by Microsoft Philippines as one of their SMB icons. You can read about the other entrepreneurs' profiles here :)
SMB Icons

Tuesday, June 11

Birthday Suit and Sewing Machines

I turned 26 last March and aside from the Sagada trip, I gifted myself with something handmade and wearable. Days before my birthday, I started working on a dress. My two mini sewing machines were not working anymore and my auntie - a professional dressmaker - lent me her vintage sewing machine, time, and pattern-making skills :) When it comes to pattern-making, I could use all the help I could get!

My auntie patiently showed me the things I need to measure, and many other things I need to do first before the actual sewing. It seems like I'll be needing months and months of practice before I can make a pattern on my own.

Birthday Dress

The dress is simple and has raw hemlines:

Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit   Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit 
Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit

I need to buy my own sewing machine - portable but the kind that could last for years, even decades. Maybe I should go to dressmakers' Mecca - Port?

Can you suggest good brands or machine models?

Thursday, June 6

DIY: Do It Yourface

Do It Yourface

Do It Yourface

Do It Yourface

During a craft tambay with Alessa, Isa, and Mikko the other week, my thoughts wandered off and it dawned on me that if papercutting were a person, I'd definitely choose it to be with me if I were trapped on an island.

It makes me focused on the the now, on what I have to do; it makes me patient, endure laborious details; trains me to be hopeful; and it goes to show that drawing isn't the only prerequisite to making crafts or Art. Aside from my Math skills - or lack thereof - drawing also makes me shrink. But thank god, there's an antidote to that - practice. You just need to keep doing it to be better at it - just like with everything else.

One time, I was so sleepy (and my selective hearing was on), I thought the person I was talking to said, "DIY... Do It Yourface". Thus the title.

PS I opened a new Washi + Papercutting Workshop in June. For more details or to register, go here :)

Tuesday, June 4

Cutting Leaves

For almost two days last week, I didn't craft because my right hand index finger was injured. It was painful to hold a craft knife so I just resorted to thinking of other things to cut - those that didn't need as much effort or pressure as paper. Good thing I kind of collected dried leaves when we went to Zambales for the Craft Camp last month.

Cutting Leaves

Cutting Leaves

Cutting Leaves

They're big enough and don't crumble easily. I am still trying to experiment on different ways of preparing and preserving leaves. Any recommendations?

PS The Washi + Papercutting Workshop on the 22nd is already full but I've opened a new class on June 23, Sunday. If you want to join, sign up here :)
PPS If you want to buy Hey Kessy products, you can drop by our workshop on the 22nd! Here's a map to the venue.
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