Thursday, June 6

DIY: Do It Yourface

Do It Yourface

Do It Yourface

Do It Yourface

During a craft tambay with Alessa, Isa, and Mikko the other week, my thoughts wandered off and it dawned on me that if papercutting were a person, I'd definitely choose it to be with me if I were trapped on an island.

It makes me focused on the the now, on what I have to do; it makes me patient, endure laborious details; trains me to be hopeful; and it goes to show that drawing isn't the only prerequisite to making crafts or Art. Aside from my Math skills - or lack thereof - drawing also makes me shrink. But thank god, there's an antidote to that - practice. You just need to keep doing it to be better at it - just like with everything else.

One time, I was so sleepy (and my selective hearing was on), I thought the person I was talking to said, "DIY... Do It Yourface". Thus the title.

PS I opened a new Washi + Papercutting Workshop in June. For more details or to register, go here :)


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