Monday, July 1

When it comes to reading

June is over but the rain isn't. Here's to saying goodbye to summer and some other things that came with it.

On another note, I've been trying to re-incorporate reading into my everyday life. Not only because my left brain is deteriorating by the minute and thus, has to be exercised with conscious effort, but more importantly, I believe that if you really want to travel and go places but don't have the funds, you read instead.

1. I was so touched when Mikko told me her mom bought a papercutting book for me and even sent it here from the States. Awww :) :) For sure, this book will teach me new ways and techniques of making papercuts. Thanks so much tita!


2. Everyone has a friend they turn to to remind them of things. That for me is Des. One time, she suggested I read Steve Job's biography. Just a few pages into the book, I gather this ones for you if you're all into making mistakes, being revolutionary, unapologetically creative and alive, brave, and hopeful.

On Reading

3. I chanced upon an article on Basquiat that was published in New York Magazine way back in 1988. You can read it here  (if only it's possible to print it out or buy an original copy). Basquiat is...the dangerous, different kind of Art that you kind of need and could learn from. He knew colors and used them well. I really don't know how to put him into words so let his works do the talking:


More photos here. And here's a documentary about this artist they refer to as the Radiant Child. Graffiti meets Art at its finest.

Btw, he was SAMO.

4. Back in April, I was so thrilled I got to meet the author of the one of my favorite books ever. Miss Katrina Stuart Santiago's "Of Love and Other Lemons" is able to deliver when it comes to verbalizing and expounding on complex emotions, feelings, and situations.


I finished reading the book earlier this year but haven't opened it again because I kind of want to forget what it says about love, life, and women so I can read and enjoy it again just like the way I did the first time :)

I'm in dire need of good books like this. Do you have any suggestions?

PS Mikko and I have a Paper + Washi Jewelry Workshop on July 13. To register, go here :)

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