Saturday, July 27

Commission: The Geek Room and Other Papercuts

I made this piece for my friend, Iya. I liked how the white papercut looked like sandwiched between glasses - clean and delicate. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a photo.


The Geek Room
9in x 9in

But to give you an idea how a white piece in double glass frame looks like,  here's a photo of me holding my Your Skin and Bones papercut:


And here are the pieces I've made and framed for the 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair last week. Each is approximately half a bond in size. I washied the wooden frames to make them look craftier :p

Framed Papercuts


PS Iya! If you are reading this, send me a photo? Please? :p

Thursday, July 25

Papercut: Headdresses

Surprisingly, it was way more challenging photographing this papercut headdress than making it! I'm not kidding!

Papercut Headdress

It was pretty hard to look for a good angle because the headdress was white and too thin. I used rock paper for this piece. It's more durable and easier to use if you're working with intricate designs.

Here are the other papercut headdresses I've made recently:

Papercut Headdress

Papercut Headdress

Papercut Headdress

I have yet to figure out how to photograph them properly though. Maybe, I'll ask my friends to model them for me :p

Tuesday, July 23

Papercutting + Bookbinding Worshop on July 28 :)

Isa and I are collaborating to bring you a Papercutting + Bookbinding Workshop. It will be on July 28, Sunday, 2-5PM. Each participant will get a kit containing all the necessary materials to make papercuts and their own journals (practice sheets, templates, personalized cutting mat, frame, washi tape , paper, thread, needles, etc.). Yummy snacks will be served as well! :)

Papercutting + Bookbinding Workshop

Isa's hand-bound journal:

Workshop on July 28

I also made a papercut to personalize one of her notebooks:

Handbound notebook

Limited slots available. You can register here :)


PS I will have a Washi Jewelry Workshop in Davao in August. Email me at if you are interested.

Thursday, July 18

10a Alabama Fair on Juy 21, Sunday

Hello fellow craft lovers! :)

I will be joining the 10a Alabama Fair this coming Sunday, July 21. As always, I can’t wait to reunite with my Alabama family. Most of these crafty ladies have been my friends ever since Hey Kessy started in 2011.

10a Alabama Fair

Here are some of the things I’ll be selling:

1.       Washi  tapes
2.       Baker’s twines
3.       Rubbercut artwork
4.       Papercut artwork
5.       Brass and ceramic jewelry
6.       Stoneware plates
7.       Rubber stamps

10a Alabama Fair

Hello, Baguio


10a Fair

10a Alabama

Pocket Garden

I really hope you can drop by the fair and meet some of Manila’s most talented makers and crafters.

PS Here's a map to 10a Alabama. :)

Wednesday, July 17

98B Future x Saturday Market

The next 98B Future x Saturday Market is this weekend. Unfortunately, I have a workshop and an arts and crafts fair to go to on Saturday and Sunday.

It was my first time to join this fair last month. I am inspired by this group’s advocacy. Through fairs, film showings, artist residencies, art exhibits, and other art events, they aim to revive the beauty of Escolta and educate people, especially younger generations, on how it once was and what it can still continue to become now.



This is the booth I shared with my friends Isa and Jamie. We were surprised because even while we were setting up, there were some who already came up to our spot and bought art from us! :)



10a Fair

And these are the things I bought from fellow makers:



There was also an art installation when we were there. They even had a station where anyone can paint and draw on wooden planks.



Hope we can join again next month. :)

Tuesday, July 16

Some Seeds, Petals, and Prints

I woke up late and with a headache this morning. It was terrible and hindered me from continuing the DIY project I have been working on for the past few days now.

Anyway, remember these seeds? The pack contains more than 20 seeds and I don't have enough space for them all. I figured there are kindred spirits who would be willing to adopt some of them.

If that's you, all you need to do is send me an email at It wouldn't hurt if you like Hey Kessy on FB as well ;) I'm also going to throw in a poster from a previous Frankie Mag issue, some dried petals, and a rubbercut print I've made in the package.



Only one recipient will be chosen on Friday :)

Friday, July 12

Brass + Silver Jewelry Workshop on August 4! :)

Join me and Alessa on August 4, Sunday, for an afternoon of bespoke jewelry making! I will teach you how to make your own brasslets and brass rings, and Alessa will guide you how to use silver clay to make jewelry pieces.

Brass + Silver Jewelry Workshop

Here are some of the brass rings I've made and engraved:


And these are the silver pendants I've made for Christmas last year, when I attended Alessa's first Silver Clay Workshop:

Silver Charms and Pendants

The fee is P3500, inclusive of a brass jewelry making pack, a 7g pack of silver clay, one (1) silver chain necklace, mini jewelry box, and afternoon snacks.

You can register here! :)

Thursday, July 11

Washi + Patterned Paper Jewelry on July 13 :)

Mikko and I will have a Washi + Patterned Paper Jewelry Workshop this coming Saturday, July 13, from 2-5PM. It will be held at Cordillera Coffee, Xavierville.

Washi + Patterned Paper Jewelry Workshop

Everything you need like washi tape, jewelry findings, patterned paper, sealant, etc., will be provided. Yummy snacks will also be served :) Aside from your basic kits, you will also get a washi kit organizer and a special craft kit from I Try DIY for f r e e !!

During the workshop, we will guide you how to make jewelry pieces like these:

Workshop on July 13 I
Workshop on July 13

Only 1 slot left!  Register here :)

Wednesday, July 10

Feature: Yummy Magazine, July 2013 Issue

Yummy Magazine, July 2013

Yummy Magazine, July 2013

Yummy Magazine, July 2013 Issue

Yummy Magazine, July 2013

This is, by far, one of my most favorite write-ups on my stoneware plates. I like how all the important experiences that have shaped me into a potter have been beautifully put into words - there's my solo trip to Sagada for the whole of last summer to focus on wheel throwing; my travel back home by public bus with 4 kilos of Sagada clay in tow;  and the group exhibit at Pinto Gallery I joined last December for which I will forever be thankful to my good friends, Iona and Pao. Equally important is the mention of all my pottery teachers and several mentors  (Hi Mia Casal, auntie Sigried Bangyay, auntie Tessie Baldo, and of course mommy ♡).

Thanks Kristine and Yummy Magazine for giving me this opportunity to share my love for pottery.

Get a copy of Yummy Magazine July 2013 Issue now! :)

Monday, July 8

Recent Papercuts

My favorite type of paper to cut is bond paper. It's the right gsm that allows me to make intricate details like thin vines and petals. This time, I experimented with 115gsm (brown) and 120sm (pink) sheets of paper. Though with these thick sheets, I needed to replace my blade more often to get cleaner cuts.

1. The letters and plants can stand on their own!

Cast more spells

2. Papercut place card

Hey You

3. I just noticed an "F" was missing when I was a couple of lines away from completing the piece. Mistakes, you gotta make them.


PS Isa and I will hold a Papercutting + Bookbinding Workshop on July 28, Sunday. For more details, go here :)

Friday, July 5

Commissioned Papercut: Prayers N Faith

Prayers N Faith

Prayers N Faith
9in x 9in
110 gsm

Prayers N Faith

Prayers N Faith

Maye commissioned me to make a papercut of "Prayers N Faith". After framing it, I decorated the borders with washi tape.

Thursday, July 4


It's official...all my plants are now lifeless. Aside from these reasons, I think they didn't have enough space to grow?

We have pocket gardens surround our house but they're not really conducive to gardening because they're too small and the neighbors can see your every move if you hang out there. They're also the kind of gardens where one couldn't really choose the kind of plants they can have. Those which are non-flowering normally dominate the area.

If I had it my way, I'd live in a place where the garden is as big as the house itself, or even bigger. That's where I'd cultivate fruits and vegetables I'd harvest for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That's where me and my friends can have late night picnics, craft get-togethers, etc.

This dream must wait though. For now, I'll just romanticize and live it through the things I create :)

3rd Craft Soiree Project

Cutting Leaves

Ceramic Jewelry


Papercut, End of Feb

Moutain Routine
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