Thursday, July 18

10a Alabama Fair on Juy 21, Sunday

Hello fellow craft lovers! :)

I will be joining the 10a Alabama Fair this coming Sunday, July 21. As always, I can’t wait to reunite with my Alabama family. Most of these crafty ladies have been my friends ever since Hey Kessy started in 2011.

10a Alabama Fair

Here are some of the things I’ll be selling:

1.       Washi  tapes
2.       Baker’s twines
3.       Rubbercut artwork
4.       Papercut artwork
5.       Brass and ceramic jewelry
6.       Stoneware plates
7.       Rubber stamps

10a Alabama Fair

Hello, Baguio


10a Fair

10a Alabama

Pocket Garden

I really hope you can drop by the fair and meet some of Manila’s most talented makers and crafters.

PS Here's a map to 10a Alabama. :)

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