Thursday, July 4


It's official...all my plants are now lifeless. Aside from these reasons, I think they didn't have enough space to grow?

We have pocket gardens surround our house but they're not really conducive to gardening because they're too small and the neighbors can see your every move if you hang out there. They're also the kind of gardens where one couldn't really choose the kind of plants they can have. Those which are non-flowering normally dominate the area.

If I had it my way, I'd live in a place where the garden is as big as the house itself, or even bigger. That's where I'd cultivate fruits and vegetables I'd harvest for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That's where me and my friends can have late night picnics, craft get-togethers, etc.

This dream must wait though. For now, I'll just romanticize and live it through the things I create :)

3rd Craft Soiree Project

Cutting Leaves

Ceramic Jewelry


Papercut, End of Feb

Moutain Routine

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