Tuesday, July 23

Papercutting + Bookbinding Worshop on July 28 :)

Isa and I are collaborating to bring you a Papercutting + Bookbinding Workshop. It will be on July 28, Sunday, 2-5PM. Each participant will get a kit containing all the necessary materials to make papercuts and their own journals (practice sheets, templates, personalized cutting mat, frame, washi tape , paper, thread, needles, etc.). Yummy snacks will be served as well! :)

Papercutting + Bookbinding Workshop

Isa's hand-bound journal:

Workshop on July 28

I also made a papercut to personalize one of her notebooks:

Handbound notebook

Limited slots available. You can register here :)


PS I will have a Washi Jewelry Workshop in Davao in August. Email me at mansilliana@gmail.com if you are interested.

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