Thursday, August 1

Some Things, End of July

1. I had two large tables made. It's true what they say that having a designated work space in your room improves productivity.


2. Mawsy and I watched Despicable Me II. The little boy was super happy - that's an understatement by the way. He started laughing and talking really LOUD when they started showing trailers. He got even more excited and LOUDER when the movie began. Then, I noticed the woman a few seats away was already throwing sharp looks. I just ignored her because I couldn't and didn't want to tell Maw to tone down.  He sounded so genuinely happy :p


3. These beautiful bangles are from Bahia. The owner, Pat, hand-crafted them using hand-woven fabric by the people of Kalinga.


4. Now, I'm missing the Cordilleras even more.


5. This is my current everyday tote bag, the Crafter Power bag designed by Paul for Hey Kessy.

Crafter's Bag

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