Tuesday, July 2

Things from Late June

1. My friend Dang gave me a copy of Wander, her latest collaboration with other creatives.


2. Walked around Katip with Paul the other day. I forgot how perfect the time between 4PM and 6PM was for walks. Hopefully, in late July, I'd get to take walks like this on a regular basis.


3. I always bring washi tape wherever I go, and it really pays off! It rescued two of my favorite pairs of sandals just the other week!

Crafty Sandals

4. One of the books I'm reading right now is David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary. I was kind of bored at first, but just like with any other book, you just need to get passed the stage where the characters, their actions, and situations don't make sense yet. After that, you're good!

The unpredictable weather and my not having a green thumb conspired. Almost all my plants are now lifeless :( I hope this batch of Akapulco seeds I got from the Balik Bukid Fair last April will survive.


5. April, my crafter friend from Davao, came to Manila last week. Alessa and I met up with her at Pino. As expected, 99% of our  conversations was about crafts! We are cooking up something for our crafty folks in Davao!

Btw, I just booked my flights! Super excited! More details soon :)


I can't believe we're half done with 2013!


  1. hope I can grab a copy of Levithan's Lover Dictionary soon! Have a nice July! :)

  2. I got mine from Fullybooked. Happy July too :)

  3. […] remember these seeds? The pack contains more than 20 seeds and I don’t have enough space for them all. I […]


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