Monday, August 5

Washi-lined Envelopes, Paper Straws, and Resignation

Two weeks into my corporate freedom, I'm able to focus more on crafting and doing the projects I have long been planning for. Yes! I already resigned from work! :) I didn't expect I'd have worries and hesitations during my last week at work. Before leaving the company I worked for two years, without a part-time office job to inject structure into my everyday life, I was worried I'd be lazy and just bum around the house. But I knew I had to leave.


On another account, while I was thinking what I'd make for the Stationary Swap on August 10, I found some brown envelopes and lined them with washi. Brown and washi do look good together!

Washi-lined Envelopes

And these are the craft kits I've prepared for our workshop last week. Each of the participants' initial made of cardboard and washi was placed on the cover.

Washi Jewelry July 13

Now, I wanna come up with an alternative use for these floral paper straws from Hey Kessy other than for drinking and making garlands.

Floral Paper Straws

India and Nepal

PS Thanks so much to those who have emailed me regarding the seeds, petals, and leaves. I am sorry for not being able to email you individually, save for Gail - the one who got the package :)

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  1. Hi Mansy! Congratulations on your resignation! :) This is not an oxymoron. I admire those who are brave enough to leave corporate world to pursue their own passion because this has been my personal struggle. If only I have enough funds to fend for my bills, then I would be a happy crafter just doing crafts and baking all day long... Everyday! :)

    More power!

    PS. I love everything about your india/nepal snippets :)


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