Friday, August 16

Works in Progress, Mid-August

1. I had a knit up with my friend, Edwina, the other day. She lent me a ball of yarn last November when I asked her to teach me the craft. I wanted to make myself and my friends beannies for Christmas. That didn't happen haha :p

Anyhoo, I'm making a headband for myself. Knitting is super addicting!


2. These are the leather purses I've made at Alessa's Leather Crafternoon. I really liked the sling bag she made and tried to make one too, but I couldn't figure out where or how to attach the straps so I ended up with coin purses instead. I added the extra brass rings that I had hand-engraved so they wouldn't look as plain.

 Leather Purse

I'll just add the straps next time.

3.Tadaaah! This is my first time making my own sandals! My sister, Germee, made her own shoes (with heels) before. I got inspired and brought the necessary raw materials. Hey Kessy washi tapes don't just keep the different layers together, they also make them look better :)

Hope I can finish this before next week! Workshop, anyone? :p

DIY Sandals

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