Tuesday, September 24

Some Things, September

1. Right now, this sea salt- and sea kelp-infused beach hair spray is the only thing that keeps me from cutting my hair. Although its effect doesn't really last for hours, it still gives enough waves to my otherwise too straight and formless hair.


2. I regret finishing this Banksy book in just one sitting. It was just too amazing! Banksy doesn't write on walls just for the sake of writing on walls. The guy is visionary.

This has got to be one of my most favorite quotes which can be found at the back.


3. I'm not sure if you've noticed already but my blog is sporting a new header! Thanks to Paul for being so patient and coming up with a very cute design, even incorporating my signature plants! :)

And I also transferred my blog from Wordpress to Blogger.

Mansilliana Sunday

4. When I join fairs, I almost always come an hour earlier than the set ingress. Nope, I'm not a morning person but I just happen to enjoy playing with different booth arrangements. I use props, racks, and different organizers I can find at home. No need to shell out to have a well-organized booth :p

10a Alabama Fair

5. I visited sir Asao, a Japanese paper artist, in the North just last weekend. He was really humble and kind, welcoming me in his studio and letting me experiment with different natural dyes. He even prepared an authentic shabu-shabu for me and my brother.

Sir Asao

Sir Asao

I will write more about this trip :)

6. My favorite washi designs from Hey Kessy. Oh leaves ♡

Hey Kessy Washi Tape

PS Hey Kessy has a new product! Can you what what it is?

PPS I created this Facebook page for my blog updates :p 


  1. Nice header, Mansy! :) perfect combination talaga kayo ni Paul ;) Btw, why did u transfer from Wordpress to Blogger? Ako naman I'm planning to do otherwise but I guess maintaining both na lang would be best. What do you think? Mishu

    1. Airees! Miss you!! :)

      Thank you, haha. Ang daming pinagdaanang yung header na'yan :p I find it easier to personalise.
      Messaged you on FB!

  2. Wow! Looking forward to your post about Asao :D

    1. Hello Fran! :) So excited to post about the trip! Haha

  3. i love washi tapes! i love your nail polish too!


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