Wednesday, September 11

10a Alabama Fair Last July

I joined the 10a Alabama Fair last July for only a day, but it was worth it! My booth neighbors were really nice and made sure I wouldn't die of hunger (haha). I also made new crafter friends :)

10a Alabama Fair
shared a booth with Hey Kessy!
10a Alabama Fair
with two of the funniest and craftiest ladies, Mikko and Macy
10a Alabama Fair
hello Abbey! :)

Whenever I join a 10a fair, I would avoid going around so much because I know that would only end up in me spending all my fair earnings! :p I scored a few handmade goodies last time. 

1. Bags by Rubbertree organizer

10a Alabama

2. Monsterella polka bag

10a Alabama

3. Cordillera Coffee's Benguet coffee

10a Alabama Fair

The next 10a Alabama Fair is in November. If you want to participate as a seller, make sure you start making your products now and take photos of them so when the organizers call for applications some time in October, you're ready!

More photos from the fair here :)


  1. Hi Mansy!

    this is Mira. We met at 98B's Future Market on June when I was their artist in residence. Just stumbled upon your blog found from Frankie Magazine newsletter /20th August 2013. Congratulation for being featured! Your works are amazing.


    1. Hi Mira! :)

      Yes, I remember you! I hope you guys had fun here in the Philippines.
      Thank you so much!

      Hugs! ♡


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