Sunday, October 6

Papercut: The Quibs

I worked on a very special papercut project last month. It was for Ms. Quibilan, one of my Literature teachers in highschool and probably the one responsible for why I have come to love books and poetry :)

Papercutting for the Quibs

Papercutting for the Quibs

Her blogs, Immanence, and We Find Grace (co-owned with Ms. dela Rosa, another Literature teacher in higschool), are two of the blogs I visit the most. They have inspired me and helped me understand more thoroughly the joy in making something especially during the time when I still didn't have this blog.

I'm just so happy I'm one of the artists who get a space on her wall at home :)

The Quibs Papercut
Photo by Ms. Quibilan

PS I'll have another Washi+Papercutting Workshop on October 22, 6.30pm-9.30pm, at Commune, Makati. To register, go here :)

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