Tuesday, October 29

Some Things, Late October

1. So happy these washi tapes are finally here! Paul and I worked really hard to bring you the first Filipino-designed washi tapes ever! You can buy them only at Hey Kessy :)

Hey Kessy Original Washi Designs

2. Ros of Commune gave us a spot where we could have a Pop Up Shop at their coffee place. I really loved the place - good food, lovely interiors, and accommodating staff.

Pop-Up Shop at Commune

Coffee art by Commune ♡

Hey Kessy

3. TV5's Good Morning Club invited me and Hey Kessy to be on their episode on paper products. I couldn't sleep the night before! The interview was super fun though and the hosts were warm and friendly :)

Hey Kessy at Good Morning Club

4. The Vogels are definitely my life peg. You don't have to be a millionaire to be an art collector. They valued Art so much so they allotted a percentage of their savings for artworks they love.

The Vogels

5. My hair has grown. I'm thinking of cutting it to shoulder length and have bangs again. Hhmmm.

Hey Kessy Papercutting Workshop

This photo was taken before the Washi + Papercutting Workshop last October 5 :)


PS Hey Kessy is going to Baguio. There'll be two craft workshops. You can check the schedule here.

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