Friday, December 13

Crafting Marathon and Dried Berries

You know Christmas is near when you suddenly have two or three dinners with friends, families, blockmates, or officemates - you name it - all in just one night! And it's even getting crazier with all these bazaars and workshops (to all the participants of this weekend's Rubbercutting and Papercutting workshops, you'll be the first ones to see Hey Kessy's latest original washi design!).

By the way, I'm working on a very special project for next year. It makes me excited and at the same time, get up way earlier than what my body clock was used to! But all is good. I can't wait to share to you! :)

And this is my current addiction:

Hey Kessy and Berries

Whenever I see mall stalls selling dried berries and nuts, I make sure I get a bag or two. They're so good and healthy - perfect for snacking while you're on a crafting marathon or you can also add them to breakfast food like oats and yoghurt.

Hey Kessy and Berries

PS  Hey Kessy's Christmas Washi Tapes and new designs are now up on the website. Place your orders now and start wrapping your gifts!

Hey Kessy Christmas Washi Tapes

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